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0116K01-2 HWH Front Right Steering Knuckle 697-910: Buick 1997-2009, Chevrolet 1997-2016, Oldsmobile 1997-2004, Pontiac 1997-2008, Saturn 2005-2007

Short Description:

HWH No.: 0116K01-2
Reference OE Number: 10434255
Reference OE Number: 15915189
Reference OE Number: 18060639
Reference OE Number: 18060653
Reference OE Number: 18060681
Reference OE Number: 18061055
Reference OE Number: 20899801
Reference OE Number: 22990753
Reference OE Number: 25816683
Reference OE Number: 88955419
MPN No.: 697-910
Placement on Vehicle: Front Right Side

Product Description

HWH steering knuckle has the following features

  • HWH offer more than 1000+ SKUs of steering knuckle that covering major models worldwide.
  • All most of our products have a special black e- coating to ensure the product not be corroded, which explains why HWH knuckles are more durable and not easily be replaced.
  • The steering knuckle contains the hub or spindle and is connected to the vehicle’s suspension components. These components, made of ductile iron, wrought steel and aluminum, are critical to the safety of the front suspension, which requires the choice of strong materials to cope with road potholes and crashes. HWH steering knuckles are made of strong materials for greater durability.
  • The steering knuckle is important for connecting tie rod, bearing and Ball joint Parts. so quality surface finishes, precision radii and perfect machined flatness are required.HWH steering knuckle use the sophisticated machining centers and CNC machines to ensure its critical size.


Product Detail

Detailed Applications



Problems and Maintenance Tips

HWH Product Details

Material: Iron Casting
Axle: Front Right Side
Item Grand: Standard
Colour: Black

HWH Packing Details

Package Size: 29*24*15
Package Contents: 1 Steering Knuckle
Packaging Type: 1Box

Direct  Number

HWH No.: 0116K01-2
OE No.: 10434255
OE No.: 15915189
OE No.: 18060639
OE No.: 18060653
OE No.: 18060681
OE No.: 18061055
OE No.: 20899801
OE No.: 22990753
OE No.: 25816683
OE No.: 88955419
Brand No: 697910

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  • Car  Model Year
    BUICK ALLURE 2005-2009
    BUICK CENTURY 1997-2005
    BUICK LACROSSE 2005-2009
    BUICK REGAL 1997-2004
    BUICK TERRAZA 2005-2007
    CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000-2013
    PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997-2008
    PONTIAC MONTANA 1999-2007
    SATURN RELAY 2005-2007

    A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the HWH product was purchased and is subject to that part store’s terms & conditions.
    1 year(s) / 12,000 miles.

    1.What are the signs of steering knuckle failure?
    Because the component connects to the suspension and steering, symptoms will usually appear in both systems. They include
    The steering wheel shaking when driving
    Misaligned steering wheel
    The vehicle pulling to one side when you should be driving straight
    Tires becoming worn out unevenly
    The car making a squealing or screeching noise every time you turn the wheels
    Steering knuckle symptoms should not be ignored, considering the component is an essential safety part.
    If the problem is wear or bend, replacement is the only way to go.

    2.When should you replace a steering knuckle?
    Steering knuckles last a long time, longer than the parts they link to.
    Replace them if you notice any signs of damage or wear. It could be a worn bore or other hidden and dangerous problems such as bends or fractures.
    Consider changing the knuckles if you recently hit the wheel against an obstacle or if your car had a collision.