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HWH Front Left Steering Knuckle Spindle NISSAN TIIDA 40015-ED000

Short Description:

HWH NO.: 0108K11-1
Reference OE Number: 40015-ED000
Interchange  Part Number : 698-033
Placement on Vehicle: Front Left side

Product Description

This steering knuckle  is precision-engineered and rigorously tested to provide products with unrivaled performance and longer lifespan.

  • All new,never remanufactured.
  • Made from strong materials for enhanced durability .
  • Made using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques
  • Rigorously inspected to ensure conformity with the set standards


Product Detail

Detailed Applications



Problems and Maintenance Tips

Product Details

Material: Cast Iron
Color Black
Installation Hardware included No
Weight(lbs): 7.054
Size(inch): 10.23*8.26*5.11
Package Contents: 1 steering knuckle

OE Number

OE NO.: 51250-HP5-600

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  • Car  Model Year
    NISSAN TIIDA 2004-2012
    NISSAN LIVINA 2006-2013
    NISSAN SYLPHY 2005-2012
    NISSAN TIIDA Saloon 2004-2012
    NISSAN CUBE 2009-2014
    NISSAN VERSA 2009-2014

    A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the HWH product was purchased and is subject to that part store’s terms & conditions.
    1 year(s) / 12,000 miles.

    1.What causes steering knuckle noise?
    The knuckle mounts several parts. The attachment points may wear over time.
    If the steering knuckle wear is too severe, you may hear noise or strange sounds.
    This usually originates from the direction of the wheels. A quick check can then reveal the source of the noise

    2.Can a steering knuckle bend?
    It can, although rarely. Steering knuckles are designed to resist bending under normal driving conditions.
    However, unexpected events can cause them to. Such occurrences include collisions, hitting deep potholes, and running the wheels into a curb.
    Bending also depends on the quality of the knuckle and the type of material used to make it.

    3.How can you tell a bent steering knuckle?
    Steering knuckle bends do not show up easily. Part of the reason is that the distortion is often small and mostly unnoticeable by looking.
    Special measurements at a repair shop can help detect bends, among other imperfections.
    The problem also causes alignment issues and related signs such as uneven tire wear.