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HWH Front Left Steering Knuckle Spindle Wheel bearing housing for VW Golf Audi Q3 5Q0407253A

Short Description:

HWH No.: 0101K31-1
Reference OE Number: 5Q0407253A
Interchange  Part Number : 5QD407257B
MPN No.:
Placement on Vehicle: Front Left side

Product Description

This steering knuckle  is precision-engineered and rigorously tested to provide products with unrivaled performance and longer lifespan.

  • All new,never remanufactured.
  • Made from strong materials for enhanced durability .
  • Made using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques
  • Rigorously inspected to ensure conformity with the set standards


Product Detail

Detailed Applications



Problems and Maintenance Tips

Product Details

Material: Aluminum
Color Silver
Installation Hardware included No
Weight(lbs): 5.732
Size(inch): 11.417*9.45*5.90
Package Contents: 1 steering knuckle

OE Number

OE NO.: 5Q0407254A
OE NO.: 5QD407258B

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  • Car  Model Year
    AUDI A3 2015-2020
    AUDI S3 2015-2020
    AUDI Q3 2019-2020

    A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the HWH product was purchased and is subject to that part store’s terms & conditions.
    1 year(s) / 12,000 miles.

    1.What is Steering Knuckle in a Car?
    You must have heard about it, perhaps even had to replace in your vehicle, or sold it in your auto parts shop. But what is a steering knuckle and what does it do?
    Let’s begin by defining the component.

    2. Why are steering knuckles important in a car?
    A. They are safety parts. They hold the wheels in place while allowing them to move vertically as well as turn to follow driver inputs.
    If the knuckles malfunction, a driver loses control of the vehicle. In most cases, driving comfort is affected besides the safety concern.

    3.What is the difference between a steering knuckle and spindle?
    The spindle usually attaches to the knuckle and provides the surface to mount the wheel bearing and hub.
    Non-drive wheels or suspension come with spindles while driven wheels do not. Some driven knuckles feature a spindle, though, which is usually hollow and splined.
    The hollow spindle allows the CV shaft through.