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The impact of steering knuckle replacement on the car

ABS belongs to the braking system, and the steering gear and tie rod ball joint belong to the steering mechanism. Therefore, changing the steering knuckle arm will not make ABS sensitive. They are different structural components. There will be abnormal noises when the steering wheel is in place, no matter where or when the vehicle speed does not exceed 20 kilometers per hour. Turning the steering wheel is loose or turning the steering wheel is heavy Very difficult. A typical booster pump fails, the direction of rotation is difficult, and the direction of rotation will be particularly heavy during driving. At present, the steering system on automobiles can be roughly divided into mechanical steering gear, mechanical hydraulic power steering system, electro-hydraulic power steering system and electric power steering system.

At present, most new models are equipped with electro-hydraulic or electric power assist systems, while mechanical steering gears have been gradually eliminated. Precautions for maintenance of mechanical steering gear: When driving on rough roads, slow down to reduce the load on the steering gear. Be sure to check the status of the protective sleeves on both sides of the steering gear and the protective sleeves connected to the upper universal horizontal shaft of the steering gear. Damage to the sheath is the most important factor leading to early wear and damage of the steering gear. After the sheath is damaged, water, dust and sand enter the steering gear through the damaged part, destroying the grease film of the rack, and causing corrosion and abnormal wear of the steering gear. Grease will gradually become dirty and deteriorated during use, reducing the lubricating ability; at the same time, the material under wear will gradually increase, and the phenomenon of abrasive wear will become more and more serious, which will aggravate the wear of the steering gear.

The impact of steering knuckle replacement on the car

The impact of steering knuckle replacement on the car

The steering gear has poor operating conditions and heavy load, so special grease must be used. During use, the clearance of the steering gear will gradually increase. If the steering wheel gap is too large, the steering gear must be checked. If the rack is abnormally worn and severely worn, the steering gear assembly must be replaced. Do not maintain the steering gear in a roadside store with poor equipment and low technical level. Improper adjustment of the steering gear will cause jamming, endangering driving and personal safety. Extended data: car steering gear, also known as steering gear and steering gear, is the most important component in the car steering system. Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and change the direction of force transmission.

The undesirable consequences of the car steering gear: Direction deviation: When driving, the car feels that the car automatically tilts to one side, and the steering wheel must be held firmly to maintain an upright driving direction. The reasons are: the left and right tire pressures are not equal; individual brake shoes scratch the brake hub, or one wheel shell bearing is too tight; individual leaf springs are broken, and the elasticity of the steel plates on both sides is uneven; the front axle or frame is bent; the front wheels are misaligned or on both sides The wheelbase is not equal; the gap between the steering knuckle king pin and the bushing is different from left to right, or the tension adjustment of the ball joints on both sides of the tie rod is different; the truck load is uneven. Direction swing: When the car is driving, it feels that the two front wheels swing from side to side and the steering wheel is difficult to grasp. The reason is: the tie rod ball head is adjusted too loosely, the steering wheel free stroke is too large; the meshing gap between the steering gear roller and the worm is too large; the gap between the upper and lower bearings of the worm is too large; the gap between the steering knuckle king pin and the bush is too large; the front wheel cover bearing assembly Loose, or excessive front wheel rim swing; inaccurate front wheel positioning.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021